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7 Years! June 18, 2009

Posted by k0re in Meeting Archive.
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Seven years ago dorkbotSF was born in a 2-car garage at Unicorn Precinct XIII. It was amazingly low-tech! We used a sheet for the screen in the midst of all the leftover surplus from New Hack City which a year later, also hosted a dorkbot!

About 30 people were in attendance mostly SRL, hackers, random friends, boingboing!! The flyer was black and white made by zsoul:

There was a bar with $1 beers and $2 tequila shots and the tamale lady!

The first dorkbotSF speakers were Nick Thompson talking about Grey Matter or modifying projection to match lighting and background colors, David Pescovitz talking about artists and media (applies to hackers too!), Al Deaderick aka ice cream cone/zsoul showing how to be a dj with soundedit 16 -lowtech and badass!, and Brian Normanly demonstrating the liberation and redistribution of electricity. Marc Powell who also presented at the 1st 7 year anniversary meeting on Food Genome MC’d and hosted this one!

The night ended with Dan Collard showing off Babalou’s British Death Fleet pickle light, a motorcycle club’s lamp powered by a pickle! Talk about low-tech green energy! Then Jon Sarriugarte who is hosting one of this month’s 7 year anniversary parties on June 20 ended the festivities with a mortar bang. Greg Leyh also in attendance then hosted the first 7 year anniversary party last June 3

More info on the first dorkbotSF meeting here. More easily navigable pix on flickr here!