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Ancient tech March 19, 2009

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I am continuing to plod forward through the 1800’s.

Some may remember a dorkbot (Jun 2007) that Liam and I did on a steam car we built (others were involved) in about 2 months, out of stuff we got at Ace Auto junkyard. None of the stuff we used was ever part of a car OR a train. Few if any drawings were done, and most of the engineering was done in my head.

It has continued to run despite our abuse.

Since then I have built a 500 lb boiler (weight, not working pressure) mostly out of stuff from OSH and Urban Ore. I think my goal is to determine how doable this is with the stuff that is readily available, but I don’t think there is much method to my madness.

Currently am reworking a engine I built 2 years ago. I am applying what I have learned over the last few years and I am trying to make it more efficient. This is taxing my (poor) machining skills but I am improving as I push myself.