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Nuclear Fusion in the Garage March 20, 2009

Posted by Jonathan Foote in how-to.
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This is amazing DIY badassery on a whole new scale. This guy goes beyond lame-ass glue-gun territory into a brand new world of Wile E. Coyote awesomeness. He’s generating neutrons. In his garage.

DIY nuclear fusion

DIY nuclear fusion

This is a spectacular combination of dangerous high voltage, high vacuum, plasma, radioactivity, and generally tinkering with the forces of nature. And, um, where exactly does one obtain neutron detectors? (“Whattaya gonna use those for, sonny?”) And if that weren’t enough, the star-mode plasma (in the purple glow above) is sublimely beautiful.

The last remaining question: how can I even show my face at Maker Faire when there’s someone doing homebrew nuclear fusion in their garage?