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7 Years! June 18, 2009

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Seven years ago dorkbotSF was born in a 2-car garage at Unicorn Precinct XIII. It was amazingly low-tech! We used a sheet for the screen in the midst of all the leftover surplus from New Hack City which a year later, also hosted a dorkbot!

About 30 people were in attendance mostly SRL, hackers, random friends, boingboing!! The flyer was black and white made by zsoul:

There was a bar with $1 beers and $2 tequila shots and the tamale lady!

The first dorkbotSF speakers were Nick Thompson talking about Grey Matter or modifying projection to match lighting and background colors, David Pescovitz talking about artists and media (applies to hackers too!), Al Deaderick aka ice cream cone/zsoul showing how to be a dj with soundedit 16 -lowtech and badass!, and Brian Normanly demonstrating the liberation and redistribution of electricity. Marc Powell who also presented at the 1st 7 year anniversary meeting on Food Genome MC’d and hosted this one!

The night ended with Dan Collard showing off Babalou’s British Death Fleet pickle light, a motorcycle club’s lamp powered by a pickle! Talk about low-tech green energy! Then Jon Sarriugarte who is hosting one of this month’s 7 year anniversary parties on June 20 ended the festivities with a mortar bang. Greg Leyh also in attendance then hosted the first 7 year anniversary party last June 3

More info on the first dorkbotSF meeting here. More easily navigable pix on flickr here!

Greg Leyh’s Lightning Lab Presentation for dorkbotSF 7 Year Anniversary Meeting June 12, 2009

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For the 7th year of dorkbot SF, Greg Leyh hosts a meeting at his Lightning Lab which closes its doors in San Francisco at the end of the month (June) and moves to the East Bay.

He talks about the various research possibilities for the proposed lightning lab which will be built in Nevada. They are 2 12 story Tesla coils which can produce football-field sized arcs. There will be a visitor center. At the end of his presentation, Greg demonstrated some Tesla-roasting technique on some corn using an 11 ft Tesla coil. Videos of the Tesla Coil demonstration on the anniversary archive page here.

Video taken by dorkbot regular James Young. Q&A portions starts at about 20 minutes in. The demo followed.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "Greg Leyh’s Presentation for dorkbotS…", posted with vodpod

Other speakers that evening were Marc Powell on his Food Genome software and Jonathan Foote on his light printer Ghostmatrix.

7 Year Twitch (7 Years of dorkbotSF!) May 27, 2009

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Yes, dorkbotSF has been around for 7 years in June! To commemorate, we’re having two events in June.

The first one will be on June 3 at Greg Leyh’s Nevada Lightning Lab where he’ll discuss possible research at NLL and do a live testing of various loads on his 1/12th scale of the 2 12-story tesla coils he’s planning to build. Food Hacker Marc Powell is going to show off his latest Food Genome project and bringing some dope food for us all! And the ever prolific Jonathan Foote will be showing us a light printer he calls the Ghost Matrix scavenged from different parts including scrap from SRL! Kevin Ottalini will also show his Marx Generator and the NLL in Half-Life!

More details on the dorkbotSF 7 Year Anniversary MEETING here (Jun 3).

Then about a week and a half later, Jon Sarriugarte is hosting a dorkbot party meeting to end all party meetings at his Boiler Bar in Oakland! Many surprise speakers and strange electrical gizmos to demo so you really have to go as not all of them will be announced! But on the lineup he’s got Omega Recoil’s twin Tesla Coils that will be running live, the Golden Mean, Marriage Wrecker and Muffin Art Cars! Greg Solberg and Keith Johnson teaching how to build an electric car from scratch (Tesla roadster, muffin cars, marriage wrecker), Jon is giving the audience a choice of several topics he could present so YOU choose: Giant Iron Snail Car, Golden Mean, 1928 Hogan Tesla Coil, Power Tool Drag Racing, Volt-Aged Whiskey and Mike Winter will show his artificial personality projects and interrogation by robots!

There’ll be food and beer, fire gardens, and live electrocutions with the 1928 Hogan Device!

More information on the dorkbotSF 7 Year Anniversary PARTY here! (Jun 20)

So hopefully you all can come out to one or preferably both events and celebrate 7 years of people doing strange things with electricity in the Bay Area!


dorkbotSF #44 April 9, 2009

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Another interesting meeting held at the Gallery With No Name run by Jeff Herzbach and Andy Fusso. Bruce Damer kicked off the evening with a presentation on his EvoGrid which is a project that uses grid computing for simulating artificial life on asteroids.

Then Dave Williams and Liam Staskawicz of MakingThings with artist Michael Brown demo’d their installation in the mission that uses about 25,000 blue LEDs to stream data on library activity. Some idiot neighbor complained and its being taken down today but will have a permanent home at the London School of Economics Library in July.

Kimric Smythe of Neverwas Haul fame also demo’d components of the Steam Calliope using a little 25lb ultra-quiet boiler.

Vale of RE/Search sold his latest: a compilation of 15 years of Piss Clears from Burning Man. If you weren’t at the meeting, you can get them here. Kimric sold some steampunk goggles too. If you want some of your own hand-made steampunk goggles get them here!

Make magazine editor Dale Dougherty stopped by to remind everyone of the upcoming MakerFaire in San Mateo and Simone Davalos announced the Robogames Townhall Meeting. Dave Mathews just back from Petra and Israel showed OS10 running on a Dell and spud gun contests between him and Christian Ristow!

Feel free to leave feedback for the speakers here!

Images, videos here and meeting archive here

dorkbotSF #43 March 12, 2009

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Held at the Hat Factory, dorks were treated to Moldover‘s phat performance and demo of his DIY MIDI controller the Mojo 69 and Dave Mathew‘s brilliant ideas on nite light computing and how to turn your house into a ubiquitous computing paradise, hacking household electronics into new devices with custom functionality. Simran Gleason got everyone up physically using Zombie Freeze Tag to explain Diffusion Limited Aggregation and Trademark G hacking the system by getting people to exchange Safeway and BevMo cards. MC’d by Eddie Codel!

Moldover’s Mojo 69: a controllerist’s dream machine

More details here and more images here

Mitch Altman: TV-B-Gone Video March 7, 2009

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Thanks to James Young, we now have Mitch Altman‘s presentation from last month’s dorkbotSF #42 on video: