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Mock Up on Mu film at Red Vic July 6, 2009

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OK campers, this looks like one pretty trippy movie:

Mock Up On Mu: A radical hybrid of sci-fi, spy, Western, and even horror genres, Craig Baldwin’s Mock Up On Mu cobbles together a feature-length “collage-narrative” based on (mostly) true stories of California’s post-War sub-cultures of rocket pioneers, alternative religions, and Beat lifestyles.

Note this features Dorkbot regular Kal Spelletich, who not only stars in the movie, but will be demonstrating machine art at  the opening this Wednesday at the Red Vic.  Says Kal,

Before the 7PM and 9:20 screenings on Wednesday, in front of the theater, I will be conducting experiments with Harley Alchemy and jet propulsion!

Joe-Bob says check it out!