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iPhone 3.0 as ubicomp and virtual worlds platform March 18, 2009

Posted by Trevor F. Smith in Events, Uncategorized.
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While the tech media goes bonkers about cut-n-paste coming to iPhones I think that most of their audience would be pissed if they realized that this is the least interesting part of the story.

Seriously, this thing has accelerated 3D graphics hardware, onboard acceleration and location sensors, and in 3.0 it will provide an in-app microstransaction function that makes the iPhone the first US phone that’s able to make good on the old promise of virtual goods based mobile virtual worlds.

Is cut-n-paste more important that the fact that bluetooth devices will be addressable by third party apps? Being able to link to nearby devices opens up the possibility for display wearables, ambient input devices and HUD hacks. Just think of all the arduino art out there which could be that much better by slapping on a bluetooth shield and hooking into the cloud of iPhones passing by.

Fuck cut-n-paste. Bring on the lickable gear cloud wearing, multiworld occupying, environment meshing masses.