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Hamster Power April 28, 2009

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OK, quit it with the moped jokes, this is the real deal. Tiny piezoelectric transducers on hamsters generate (a tiny amount of) power.

This little ramblin wreck is generatin power

This little ramblin' wreck is generatin' power

Dolphins meet robot March 19, 2009

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sirengrotto took her Pleo to meet the dolphins at SeaWorld; starts to get interesting around 1:46. If you click through to YouTube the comments are worth reading: they’re speculating on what the dolphins were sensing/seeing that was worth hanging out for, e.g. maybe IR pulses that the Pleo emits from its mouth, and uses for wayfinding?

She made the Pleo vid in response to this, which despite featuring no mechanical/electrical parts definitely involves dorkbot-style behavior…by dolphins:

Cart Before the Horse March 18, 2009

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A modern green chariot from Fleethorse. To start, the treadmill tilts up and the horse starts walking by instinct and powers the chariot. Goes up to 50mph and has 32 gears. When the horse gets tired it switches over to a DC motor that has enough juice to get to the nearest stop where the horse can rest. There’s all sorts of monitors on the horse to figure out if it’s tired. There are shock absorbers on the treadmill to not jar the horse. There’s also a pooper scooper.

Electric Sheep! (No, not that kind) March 17, 2009

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Thanks to Nick Thompson for the link. This is a completely novel form of art. Okay, it’s just an ad.  But it deserves it’s viralness: