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The Singularity is Near! May 26, 2009

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Okay, not really. But Kurzweil is up to his old tricks again. Check out this NYTimes Article by John Markoff.

Kurzweil’s in a documentary called Transcendent Man (“Prepare to Evolve”) and, with the help of Google, is opening Singularity University in June.

My favorite quote:
“Kurzweil will probably die, along with the rest of us not too long before the ‘great dawn,’ ” said Gary Bradski, a Silicon Valley roboticist. “Life’s not fair.”

Am I being snarky? Neah.

CB2 – Emotional Robot April 7, 2009

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CB2 is a humanoid biomimetic robot with soft white skin can learn human emotions through observing facial expressions. It has also *learned* to walk pneumatically. They expect it to get up to the level of a chimp or baby in a few years. Pretty impressive and creepy at the same time though traditionally animistic Japan has less of an uncanny valley thing to get over believing things have ‘souls’.