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7 Year Twitch (7 Years of dorkbotSF!) May 27, 2009

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Yes, dorkbotSF has been around for 7 years in June! To commemorate, we’re having two events in June.

The first one will be on June 3 at Greg Leyh’s Nevada Lightning Lab where he’ll discuss possible research at NLL and do a live testing of various loads on his 1/12th scale of the 2 12-story tesla coils he’s planning to build. Food Hacker Marc Powell is going to show off his latest Food Genome project and bringing some dope food for us all! And the ever prolific Jonathan Foote will be showing us a light printer he calls the Ghost Matrix scavenged from different parts including scrap from SRL! Kevin Ottalini will also show his Marx Generator and the NLL in Half-Life!

More details on the dorkbotSF 7 Year Anniversary MEETING here (Jun 3).

Then about a week and a half later, Jon Sarriugarte is hosting a dorkbot party meeting to end all party meetings at his Boiler Bar in Oakland! Many surprise speakers and strange electrical gizmos to demo so you really have to go as not all of them will be announced! But on the lineup he’s got Omega Recoil’s twin Tesla Coils that will be running live, the Golden Mean, Marriage Wrecker and Muffin Art Cars! Greg Solberg and Keith Johnson teaching how to build an electric car from scratch (Tesla roadster, muffin cars, marriage wrecker), Jon is giving the audience a choice of several topics he could present so YOU choose: Giant Iron Snail Car, Golden Mean, 1928 Hogan Tesla Coil, Power Tool Drag Racing, Volt-Aged Whiskey and Mike Winter will show his artificial personality projects and interrogation by robots!

There’ll be food and beer, fire gardens, and live electrocutions with the 1928 Hogan Device!

More information on the dorkbotSF 7 Year Anniversary PARTY here! (Jun 20)

So hopefully you all can come out to one or preferably both events and celebrate 7 years of people doing strange things with electricity in the Bay Area!



The Singularity is Near! May 26, 2009

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Okay, not really. But Kurzweil is up to his old tricks again. Check out this NYTimes Article by John Markoff.

Kurzweil’s in a documentary called Transcendent Man (“Prepare to Evolve”) and, with the help of Google, is opening Singularity University in June.

My favorite quote:
“Kurzweil will probably die, along with the rest of us not too long before the ‘great dawn,’ ” said Gary Bradski, a Silicon Valley roboticist. “Life’s not fair.”

Am I being snarky? Neah.

Printing with light May 21, 2009

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In the shameless self-promotion department, I made something cool:

More details on my blog.

Disk drive organ May 19, 2009

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No, not that kind of organ. A musical one made from disk drives. If you know me you know my fondness for old disk drive components, so I was chuffed to find a link to this in my flickr pool:

Giant Spider in Yokohama May 19, 2009

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Built by French group La Machine, it can be seen in Yokohama as part of Expo Y150 commemorating the 150th anniversary of Yokohama port. I like how it farts out some kind of mist out of its spider butt and that 3 benign looking people operate it.Also seen in the background is Bastiaan Maris Large Hot Pipe Organ a MIDI-controlled propane-powered fire organ.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Someone really should build a giant Godzilla to stomp around Japan though.

Via Shaun Fogarty!

Kindling May 13, 2009

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Via Windell of Evil Mad Scientists:

The Amazing Kindling, a neat wooden Kindle made by cockeyed.com and evil mad scientists:

And there’s more! It also is nicely flammable and handy as a heating device during the apocalypse and everyone’s batteries have run out

The Gristleizer May 8, 2009

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Had to re-post another video from Throbbing Gristle Chris Carter‘s flickr stream as I’m sure you guys would dig the Gristleizer. You can get them here:

But this is Chris’ post on the Original Gristleizer:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "The Gristleizer", posted with vodpod

Guilt Interfaces May 6, 2009

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via Eric Paulos

displays the weight of whomever is sitting at the bench, aside from being embarrassing for most people, the bench could come in handy for friendly neighborhood drug dealers…

First US face transplant out and about May 6, 2009

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What they can do these days. The thing I’m surprised by is that she can smell and taste food again.

Via HuffPo.

Homemade antenna redux May 6, 2009

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coffee can antennaAm I still making homemade antennas? Can’t think of anything new?  Years ago, I gave a dorkbot talk on a can antenna.  OH MY!  I just looked at Karen’s old photo of me — I have the same facial hair after 7 years — I better shave it off before I finish this post — don’t want to be in a hairy rut!

I did an 802.11g test last week and got 10Mbps across the street with the can, but the goal is to convince KQED to replace their 1990’s  T-1 lines with a wireless link.  It’s got to look a bit better than tin cans, so I went down to Complete Fabrication and scrounged some tube out of their yard.  (MonkeyBrains.net hosts their website, and Ryan is a great guy, so he let me grab some three and a quarter inch aluminum tube.)  Jay Brommel welded the tube pieces onto some angle bar, I drilled some holes, and tonight I added the ‘element’.  Here is the final product:

Wifi CansThe measurements are thanks to the ‘How To Build A Tin Can Waveguide WiFi Antenna‘ instructions.

(The Ruler is thanks to Alameda County — you can get not only a free ruler, but your soil, paint, etc tested for FREE with a home lead-test kit — fun!  You should try it.)