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Military Vehicle Technology Foundation (dorkbotSF Field Trip) April 13, 2009

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Last Saturday (April 11), dorkbotSF went on a tour of Jacques Littlefield‘s tanks in Portola Vallery which happens to be the largest private tank collection in the world. Since his passing early this year, the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation Littlefield founded continues on in keeping his passion for tanks alive and his generosity for sharing such neat stuff with the world. Acquiring, maintaining, and restoring military technology from the 20th and 21st centuries, particularly tanks, MVTF sits on a 470 acre property in Portola Valley complete with horses, steam train, and a large 45-stop pipe organ built into an extension of his house.

Not only was the collection impressive in its breadth but the meticulous restoration and staging of the tanks, anti-tank and anti-aircraft guns, and all sorts of artillery were also quite impressive. There was everything from motorcycle tanks to bazookas, bridge building tanks to SCUDS!

The artwork on the tanks were also pretty interesting such as this one of Olive Oil on a swastika.

Other impressive ones were painted by Omar Woodley who is now a video game producer!

There was even a little RC tank built by Jacques Littlefield that shoots .22s, a RC Blue Angels jet, and a Batmobile!

More images can be found in the dorkbotSF field trip archive

BoingBoing Video crew were on hand to shoot the tour, so stay tuned for video from them soon!

Many thanks to Liz Ditz of MVTF for the tour!


1. Mat - November 23, 2009

I read about Jacques Littlefield’s on other blog, but I did not know that he had such nice collection of military vehicles which is also the largest private tank collection in the world. Nice pictures.

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