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dorkbotSF #44 April 9, 2009

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Another interesting meeting held at the Gallery With No Name run by Jeff Herzbach and Andy Fusso. Bruce Damer kicked off the evening with a presentation on his EvoGrid which is a project that uses grid computing for simulating artificial life on asteroids.

Then Dave Williams and Liam Staskawicz of MakingThings with artist Michael Brown demo’d their installation in the mission that uses about 25,000 blue LEDs to stream data on library activity. Some idiot neighbor complained and its being taken down today but will have a permanent home at the London School of Economics Library in July.

Kimric Smythe of Neverwas Haul fame also demo’d components of the Steam Calliope using a little 25lb ultra-quiet boiler.

Vale of RE/Search sold his latest: a compilation of 15 years of Piss Clears from Burning Man. If you weren’t at the meeting, you can get them here. Kimric sold some steampunk goggles too. If you want some of your own hand-made steampunk goggles get them here!

Make magazine editor Dale Dougherty stopped by to remind everyone of the upcoming MakerFaire in San Mateo and Simone Davalos announced the Robogames Townhall Meeting. Dave Mathews just back from Petra and Israel showed OS10 running on a Dell and spud gun contests between him and Christian Ristow!

Feel free to leave feedback for the speakers here!

Images, videos here and meeting archive here



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