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Player Piano in the Lab April 3, 2009

Posted by Trevor F. Smith in Uncategorized.
Manical Laughter Free Lab Gear

Maniacal Laughter Free Lab Gear

Nerds in the UK have built a robot lab assistant which can make predictions in a limited domain and carry out the rote experiments to test those predictions:

The robot was able to work out the role of the genes by observing yeast cells as they grew. It used existing information about the function of known genes to make predictions about the role an unknown gene might play in the cell’s growth. It then tested this by looking at a strain of yeast from which that gene had been removed.

Sure, it’s not exactly a flock of cheap grad students, but we’re well on our way to minion-free yet well staffed underground lairs for evil geniuses. Some would claim that these folks just needed a good excuse for funding all of the bot gear they bought on ebay, but I choose to believe that they’re paving the way for the much needed downsizing of groups like CHAOS.



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